Do you want to love where you live?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ve found the right service.

ACTIVATE an inviting home environment with Anna. If clutter and disorganisation is getting in the way of your emotional wellbeing, Anna is a Professional Organiser and Counsellor, offering hands on assistance and counselling support to help you create welcoming and organised home spaces where you can truly feel at home.

Our Services


Activate Professional Organising Services is based in South Australia in the Adelaide suburb of Brighton.
Services are offered in southern, western and central suburbs of Adelaide

Decluttering and organising at home

  • Hands on decluttering and organising of any and all home spaces
  • Declutter Counselling and coaching (overcoming obstacles)
  • Moving house: Pre-move declutter / Post-move assistance to organise the new home
  • Organising art and craft spaces
  • Organising student study

Service Inclusions

  • Assist client to Declutter / Organise
  • Teach decluttering & organising skills
  • In session Counselling as required – Anna is an experienced, registered ACA counsellor
  • Teach ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) psychological and emotional wellbeing strategies
  • Organise relocation or disposal of unwanted goods

I also work with NDIS Participants who are Self-managed or Plan managed

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The Place You Call Home

Each one of us is unique. Our ideas about “home” will vary according to our personalities and our needs. Having an ideal home is not about pursuing ‘vogue living’ perfection or becoming minimalist.

Your ideal home is about creating living spaces that welcome you and enrich life

What is clutter?

Stuff becomes clutter as you change and your life and interests change. Clutter is what no longer adds value to your present life.

Decluttering is a skill you can learn

Decluttering is not just cleaning house – it is a skill we can learn that enables us to be comfortable in our homes and lives. It is not just about getting rid of stuff – it is making wise choices about what to keep and what we bring into the house. In that sense, decluttering is a lifelong activity. However, if we learn the skill of decluttering, we are much less likely to let clutter accumulate to the point that it takes over our home and overwhelms us.

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If clutter and disorganisation is getting in the way of your emotional wellbeing, Anna can support you to create welcoming and organised spaces in your home so that you can truly love where you live.

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