About ACTIVATE and Anna


Services are offered in southern, western and central suburbs of Adelaide

ACTIVATE Professional Organising Services’ holistic approach offer practical solutions and emotional support when needed.

ACTIVATE your wellbeing! 

–           creating welcoming and workable home spaces

–           supporting people to enhance wellbeing in the home and in their lives


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Anna is a Professional Organiser and Experienced Counsellor

Why work with me?

I am open-minded, open-hearted, kind, calm, understanding and non-judgmental. And I really like hands-on decluttering and organising!

My approach is holistic

I take the time to understand your needs and challenges as well as your wishes for the place you call home. The focus is on your whole wellbeing as we explore ways to make home a more workable, relaxed place.

I take a gentle approach to decluttering and offer perspective – something easily lost when there is too much home clutter or disorder.  I will work alongside you, encourage you and guide you through the process of figuring out which things add value to your life now and into the future – and which things do not. What stays or goes is always your call. It’s your stuff, your home.

I am registered, experienced counsellor

My experience as a professional counsellor in the community mental health setting for 11 years has given me a deep understanding of the many struggles we face in life and many skills to help people boost emotional wellbeing so they can move towards the things they value most in life. I have the skills and sensitivity to fully support people who are overwhelmed by home clutter or chaos to overcome obstacles when they are unable to get started or get things sorted, particularly when stress, anxiety or depression may be getting in the way.

I believe that if home is a welcoming, comfortable place, somewhere we can really be ourselves and “feel at home”, it grounds us and helps us to flourish.


My business name, ACTIVATE, stems from my amazing personal and professional experience with ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Unlike most therapies, ACT is not designed to target and get rid of  a mental health “symptom” or  a problematic “behaviour”. Rather, the goal of ACT is “a rich and meaningful life”. That makes ACT a powerful approach for just about every situational, emotional and psychological challenge that life can present. ACT has changed many lives, including my own. As a counsellor and therapeutic group facilitator for over 11 years, I have been privileged to teach and share the life-changing ideas and strategies of ACT with hundreds of people from all walks of life, with all sorts of life challenges. I would love to share ACT with you, if you are interested.

In line with ACT – my focus is on a person’s wellbeing – not just their “stuff”

Anna Byas

PhD.  &  BA (Hons.) (Social Sciences); Grad. Dipl. Of Counselling

Membership –  Australian Counselling Association; Institute of Professional Organisers