In general terms, a professional organiser is someone trained and skilled in helping people create order wherever and however it may be lacking in their lives. It may include helping clients to reduce excessive clutter in the home or in the office, as well as streamlining organisation, whether it is a pantry, a wardrobe or a whole house or workplace.

There is a prevailing philosophy among professional organisers that “the work is about the person – not just their stuff”. That is definitely my approach.

My approach is holistic – I take the time to understand your needs and challenges as well as your wishes for the place you call home.

I am an open-minded, open-hearted, calm and relaxed person.

I am an experienced counsellor, passionate about supporting people, on a practical and emotional level, to take charge of their home environment – such a vital aspect of living well. I offer in-session counselling when stress, anxiety or depression may be getting in the way.

My main counselling approach is drawn from the amazing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model (ACT), which offers a framework for a “richer and more meaningful life”. ACT has changed many lives, including my own. I have been teaching ACT for over 11 years and I can share the life-changing ideas and strategies of ACT with you if you are interested.

There is no “have to”.  I am guided by whatever you are able to do or prefer to do. I offer encouragement and support throughout the process. Ideally we set a goal for each session and work together to achieve it.

Absolutely not. I guide, coach and encourage you to make wise choices about what to keep, what to part with and where to send stuff you are willing to let go of.

As an organiser and counsellor it would be utterly against professional codes of ethics to order you about!  I pledge to work with you and for you, not against you. My objective is to enhance your wellbeing through exploring with you what you need to create welcoming and workable areas in your home.

Generally no, as it is not a cost effective option for you.  I can help you decide on which items you think are worth selling and explore the various ways to sell items. I can assist in preparation for a garage sale.

Adelaide, South Australia – I offer professional organising services predominantly in western, central and southern Adelaide suburbs. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’re not sure whether or not you are within my “area” as my boundaries are flexible.

I work Monday to Saturday between 9.30am and 4pm.

This is a curly question. There are many variables as to how long things may take. A clearer idea can be gained through an initial 2 – 4 hour session. Things for you to consider are size of the area or project, amount of belongings to be sorted and organised, your organising goals, physical ability, budget, and availability for sessions.

I assess your needs and get your feedback as we go. Every client and every job is unique. Ultimately, you get to decide.