Terms and Conditions




You can be assured of a very high professional standard of confidentiality. I safeguard client privacy in accordance with the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) Code of Conduct and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics. I have a current National Police Clearance Certificate.

Any photos taken during a project is with client consent and for the sole purpose of benefiting the client by documenting instruction and progress.



I am fully covered by IOPO Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Any service/subcontractor hired by or on behalf of the client must have their own industry insurance cover.



If the need to engage an external service /subcontractor as part of this project arises, I will assist the client to organise services for themselves or act on their behalf, with their written consent. Any costs associated with engagement with external services or subcontractors will be the sole responsibility of the client.

Cancellation POLICY

I respect that your time is valuable and I appreciate that you understand mine is too. Any cancellations that occur more than 24 hours before the scheduled time are able to be re-booked at no additional cost.

Any cancellations that occur within the 24 hour period will result in a cancelled booking fee equal to 50% of the value of the consultation fee for hours agreed upon when the booking was made or a minimum of 2 hours.



Assist client to Declutter / Teach organising skills

In session Counselling & teaching wellbeing strategies as required – Anna is an experienced, registered ACA counsellor

Assist/Organise relocation or disposal of unwanted goods

Give guidance on selling of unwanted items

Purchase of storage solutions at client’s request


Moving heavy furniture or other heavy items

On-line selling

Gardening or Cleaning

Support work outside of the professional boundaries of organising and counselling



  1. The standard hourly rate applies for out of session time spent
  • shopping for necessary supplies
  • planning organising solutions
  • arranging appointments with other service providers if required
  • taking any rubbish or donation items after your session
  1. Expenses incurred on behalf of the client (e.g. purchasing storage solutions) – reimbursement is required within 2 days of purchase



ACTIVATE Professional Organising Services primarily serves residents in a 20km radius from the Brighton SA Post Office. Travel fees may apply at a rate of $1 for each kilometre travelled outside of the radius.


ACTIVATE Professional Organising Services reserves the right to cancel sessions scheduled on days when the temperature is expected to exceed 38oC or in residences where there is no air-conditioning and temperatures are expected to exceed 35oC.


Both the organiser and the client shall have the right to terminate this business relationship at any time, provided that adequate notice is given when cancelling booked sessions.

The organiser may terminate services

  • when the client has failed to pay on time
  • when the environment poses a significant danger to health and safety
  • When the client is uncooperative or abusive in any way


To treat the client with integrity, respect, compassion and non-judgment.

When unable to fulfil a request for services, to recommend the services of other qualified professionals.

To develop a plan of action, addressing the client’s key needs and concerns and focus primarily on their wellbeing throughout the process.

To suggest specific organising techniques and discuss the purchase of any organising supplies that the client agrees may be important / helpful

To set up agreed-upon customised organising systems and make adjustments over time to better suit the client’s particular needs based on feedback and evaluation.

To provide the client with guidance and motivation throughout the decluttering or organising process and counselling when appropriate.

To assist the client to source and organise an external service /subcontractor services for themselves or to organise on their behalf, with their written consent.

To offer the client appropriate follow-up support (additional organising sessions, phone coaching, counselling etc.) that may be necessary to help maintain the changes made.


To make whatever prior arrangements are necessary (childcare, rescheduling other responsibilities, etc.) to reduce interruptions during sessions.

To be on time for each scheduled appointment and be prepared to participate as best you can for the full session.

To make a concerted effort to implement and maintain suggested changes and to complete any agreed upon in-between session tasks.

To ensure any cancellation of a session is made with at least 24 hours’ notice

Any item that the client decides to discard, donate or sell will remain the responsibility of the client

The client must be authorised to discard, donate or sell items in the client’s environment

To pay for each session at the completion of each session or prepay special package at the commencement service.

If services are being funded by a self-managed NDIS plan, the client will ensure that funding is available for ACTIVATE services prior to commencement.


The organising services provided will focus on improving both the client’s physical environment, organising abilities and emotional wellbeing.

Changes in organising habits occur over time, and the client understands that the creation of lasting results will require multiple organising sessions.

Failure on the client’s part to implement and maintain those systems recommended by the organiser shall in no way be construed as a failure to provide adequate services on the organiser’s part.

The organiser will serve as a consultant, and is in no way responsible for the consequences of decisions made by the client.

The client accepts full responsibility for all decisions made during or outside the organising session.